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This was an age grade tradition common among many of the Bantu peoples of the continent's southern region.Here we discuss the battles, see the ground and understand what happened.Nelson Mandela in one of his first public appearances in office, on May 10 1994, strongly urged all the people of South Africa to learn each other’s languages: “This is the best way to contribute to nation building and reconciliation,” Mandela said.They were systematised radically by the Zulu king Shaka, who was then only the exiled illegitimate son of king Senzangakhona, but already showing much prowess as a general in the army of Mthethwa king Dingiswayo in the Mthethwa-Ndwandwe war in the early 1810s.The Zulu impi is popularly identified with the ascent of Shaka, ruler of the relatively small Zulu tribe before its explosion across the landscape of southern Africa, but its earliest shape as a purposeful instrument of statecraft lies in the innovations of the Mwetha chieftain Dingiswayo, according to some historians (Morris 1965).Kraal or settlement elders generally handled local disputes and issues.

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