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They often had both parents working, were exposed to daycare and divorce, and became known as "latchkey kids." They are a well-educated generation with many having tertiary qualifications and are resourceful, individualistic, self-reliant and skeptical of authority. Millennials are very technology wise and are comfortable with ethnically diverse groups.

Their values are similar to Veterans in that they are optimistic, confident, sociable, and have strong morals and a sense of civic duty.

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It was a far less romantic mix of love, legal protections, and health insurance.

They met in graduate school, dated for a while, and began staying over at each other's apartments."We were spending so much time together it just seemed silly to pay two rents," says Ms. So the two moved in together in 2006, but she says she was wary: "I think I saw living together as a test run, in a way."Four years later Monticello, age 29, and Mr.

" Perhaps the problem is influenced more by generational attitudes and mores than other factors such as the moral decline of society, media and a lack of interest in spiritual things.

Its safe to say that chivalry is beyond dead – in fact, chivalry would roll over in its grave if it saw this. Le Gen Z: Either you get “hit up” again for another “Netflix and chill”, or you never speak them again.

Regardless of whether or not their parents stayed married, these kids were instilled with a high view of family life.

Gen X, on the other hand, is the first significant "divorce generation." As a result, it casts a suspicious eye on all things marriage and family.

The more time we spend together, the more I feel for X. In the case of Y, you have to bear in mind that you feel loved because you are still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship. You are just getting to know each other and emotions are high and “hot”. The first phase is the honeymoon phase which is characterised by romance and passion.

However, there were days when I felt unappreciated and there were days when X neglected me but I hung on. I guess memories of the good times we had together, overshadowed the bad times. The next phase is when the cloud of romance is lifted and people start to see each other for who they really are, warts and all. The third phase is when things get more stable and the couple start dealing with the day to day routines.

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