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The Texas author and speaker writes often about her “messy” family life, confessing in a viral 2013 post to being the “worst end-of-school year mom ever.” Her homespun approach has garnered her spots on the New York Times bestseller list and an HGTV series alongside husband Brandon and five children.But last week, Hatmaker broke from her evangelical base, telling Religion News Service columnist Jonathan Merritt that she supports same-sex marriage and believes LGBT relationships can be holy.One, seen in Birmingham, states: 'Free rent paid for room or flat in return for sexual favours.' It leaves home-hunters in no doubt about what moving in really entails. Just a kiss and cuddle.'When formally approached by a reporter, he denied knowing when, or where, the advert was placed.'I was just lonely,' he said, before changing his story: 'At the end of the day, no-one rang and that was the end of it.'Another advert posted on Craigslist for a property in Walsall offered a 'free room in 2 bed flat for the right lady'. I'm hardly ever there so most of the time you will have place to yourself. A Stourbridge advert ran under the title 'Rent-free room ladies only', adding: 'Hi, I have spare room available in exchange for sexual favours.'Craiglist promptly removed the offending posts after being approached by a reporter from the Sunday Mercury.

In the late 1800s, rites similar to adoption emerged in the United States, allowing masons and their female relatives to participate in ritual together.But in recent years, evangelical groups have divided over how to practice that teaching in church ministry and outreach.In 2013, humanitarian group World Vision incited swift backlash and quickly reversed course after announcing it would hire staff in same-sex marriages. When the reported brought up sex, he replied: 'It's up to you, but I'd take you out for meal - and pay.''Actually, it's gone,' said Steve. I had a spare room, just got divorced and was lonely and needed company. This is genuine offer.'Another post on the same site announced: 'Free rent paid for room or flat in return for sexual favours.'The advertiser, who was 'seeking ladies', added a map showing Bromford Lane in Hodge Hill. Genuine gent.'Posing as recent divorcee 'Tracey', a reporter, contacted the 'genuine gent', who gave his name as Steve.Such statements followed a social media post this April in which Hatmaker called for LGBT inclusion in churches.

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