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when I was going through all this darkness, I thought, ‘Just end this.'” He and his wife divorced – and maintain a good relationship – and Boltz has the love and support of his children.He’s moved to Florida to start his life over, and tells the publication that he’s dating and leading a “normal gay life.” in 2007, he visited Jesus Metropolitan Community Church in Indianapolis and quietly slipped a CD and a note to the pastor.In the spring of 1993, my old friend Ray Boltz heard about the song during a time of sharing together after one of his concerts in Maine.A few months later, Ray called me and expressed interest in possibly recording it.Well, here’s a shocker of a story: in an interview with the gay publication Washington Blade, CCM veteran Ray Boltz has come out of the closet and admitted that he’s gay.The story, published last Friday, relates Boltz’s Christian music career, his struggle with gay feelings, and his eventual confession to his family in December 2004. A few weeks ago, Carol was interviewed by the internet radio program Gay Christian Network. He was saying, “I can’t pretend…” I couldn’t live with not believing him…

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I will never tire of any of Ray Bolt's albums, but this is his best.He’d been struggling for years with his feelings, to the point of clinical depression and thoughts of suicide.Boltz tells the Washington Blade, “I’d denied it ever since I was a kid. I was just crying all the time, and no one to really help with that. I began to realize that there was a difference between how you lived your life, that someone could be Christian or non-Christian, someone could be gay or straight, someone could live with integrity or not live with integrity. I found a wonderful blog written by Peterson Toscano, I began to read Peterson every single day… I had to get connected with people with information that I had never had before… We were still very closeted, still trying to figure out what to do with the business, with the ministry … It’s actually a really well-done story and definitely worth reading. For more than 20 years, Boltz has been a staple of the CCM industry, earning several certified gold albums, three Dove Awards and a string of 12 No. He’s probably best known for the songs, “Thank You,” “Watch the Lamb,” “The Anchor Holds” and “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb.” He was married for 33 years, raised four kids, and was by all accounts a typical Christian music artist.

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