Who is kate gosselin dating now

News about life before and after now-ex-husband Jon Gosselin and said that dating has become a completely different game since she got divorced."We had pagers," she said, referring to how she and Jon used to communicate when they first got together. "For those who are too young to know what 143 signifies, it's I love you: one letter for I, four letters for love, three letters for you. Despite the evolutions in technology, whether it's cell phones or dating apps, the reality TV star said she won't let it get in her way."It's a completely different world, and I'm sure that every single parent who finds themselves eventually dating again would also agree that it's just weird and exciting but strange," she added.strange to Kate is the fact that some of her kids are now teenagers, which means they are starting to date, too!

The whole situation might be awkward, but they're learning to get through it as best they can.

She said she had gone on a blind date, which will be shown on her series."There's some twists and turns that are quite surprising," Kate said.

"But you know, it was very...'Oh, you're gonna put a date on TV?

' Well, kind of my life is on TV so it's kind of, it was like a test to anyone, you kind of have to be comfortable with cameras, whatever.""It was a blind date, which I kind of, have always had a rule...

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If you are wondering what Kate Gosselin has been up to, don’t sweat over it. Though known primarily for her TV show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Gosselin has now become a bestselling author, as well.After being put in charge of family game night, Mady maintained total control over the event — which meant occasionally pushing back against her 41-year-old mother so she wouldn't take over! That's because in Tuesday night's all-new , the mother-of-eight flat out refuses to take part in a casual family helicopter crash simulation — Ya know, on second thought… Video: Jon Gosselin Says He Hasn't Seen Collin In 1.5 Years!The overbearing matriarch was not only shushed when trying to explain how the game will go — at one point, Mady even uttered, "I think your mouth is a little too loud" — but also denied the duty of picking her own team's T-shirt color! Kate acknowledged her daughter's attitude in an interview, but explained having some bark is a good thing in the Gosselin house. But Kate's not the only one too chicken to watch the chopper intentionally crash and burn — okay, crash and sink — 16-year-old twins Mady and Cara sit out due to the risk of water ruining their makeup. Luckily, the older half of the TLC fam isn't about to spoil Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Joel, and Leah's fun!!At least he has a potential new friend in Jon Gosselin! On Wednesday, Kate Gosselin's sextuplets — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah, and Joel — turned 13, officially making them teenagers!, returns for a new season soon and while the kids are older, one thing appears to remain unchanged: Mom still hasn't found love.

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