Who is elvis presley dating


42-year-old Toby Anstis was born on December 14, 1970 in Northampton, England, he studied at Berkshire’s boy school Desborough School, and then graduated with a degree in marketing and psychology from the e University of Surrey Roehampton.Toby and his twin sister Kate were adopted, they found their birth parents years ago.'It scared the hell out of all of us.' Such behaviour had its roots in Presley's dysfunctional childhood, beginning the moment he was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 8, 1935, an identical twin whose brother Jesse died in the womb.His mother Gladys, having lost one child, was smotheringly protective of the other.Because he loved ballads, as well as rock and roll, he loved Gospel, he loved pop.And we would sit in the suite and talk about music and we would sing.Tom recalled his excitement at seeing the King strutting towards him.“Presley starts walking towards me and begins singing my new single (‘With These Hands’). ’ I said, ‘No, I was listening to it all on the radio.’ Like all of us did in Britain.” Elvis revealed to Tom that prior to meeting him he thought that a man with such a soulful voice had to be black.

’ And I said, ‘Listening to you, for one thing’ — and Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Mahalia Jackson, and things that he was influenced by. ’ He said, ‘When I heard ‘What’s New Pussycat’ I thought it was a black fella singing it’.” “I think he was the only person I’ve spoken to who felt the same way about music as myself, as far as versatility is concerned.

[Linda wrote poems during her time with Elvis and offered to hsave them put to music for him but he refused, thus sadly missing out on some good song contibutions.] Linda Thompson: I have been very judicious about the interviews that I have agreed to do through the years. Larry King: So, married to Bruce Jenner and now married to David Foster.

We had the same sense of loyalty, we enjoyed the same cuisine because we were both Southerners.

While she was still married to Elvis she began an affair with her Karate instructor mike Stone until 1974, after that she dated Mike Edwards (1978- 1984), also in 1984 she met Marco Garibaldi father of her son 25-year-old Navarone Garibaldi born on March 1, 1987, they split up in 2006 and she then dated Nigel Lythgoe (2006-2009), last December rumors about her dating Barry Crocker were heard.

But it seems that Priscilla Presley has change her taste in man and gone for fresh meat, after all she has been romantically linked to British radio presenter Toby Anstis, who is very close to her ex-boyfriend Nigel Forsyth, well actually Nigel represents Toby.

The newlyweds exchanged vows in front of celebrity friends including Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne, Zoë Kravitz, Abby Lee, and Courtney Eaton according to E!

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