What company is liquidating circuit city

She said she came to buy the TV after she heard that the stores were closing.

And more than 34,000 employees, some who worked through the liquidation announced in January, will be jobless.The company continued to grow and acquired stores in other locations including Albany, New York; Mobile, Alabama; Washington, D. During the 1970s and early 1980s, it also sold mail-order under the name "Dixie Hi Fi", advertising in hi-fi magazines.Wards experimented with several retail formats in Richmond, including smaller mall outlets branded "Sight-n-Sound" and "Circuit City".The first of these replacements occurred in Knoxville, Tennessee; Charleston, South Carolina; and Hampton, Virginia.They operated the stores under the "Lafayette/Circuit City" name and expanded to 15 locations, but the stores were not profitable and were closed in 1986 after spending US million to enter the market. - What began 60 years ago as a humble television store in this sleepy Southern capital ended Sunday as Circuit City closed its doors for good - its 567 remaining U. In its wake Richmond-based Circuit City Stores Inc.

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