Vegan dating website


Speed Dater will be hosting the events in the best vegan restaurants across the capital, with not an ounce of meat to be ordered on the menu.The first will be held at Tibits - the small Swiss chain is essentially a pimped-up salad bar with exclusively vegan dishes on tap.

Many vegans have found love and fulfillment with partners who didn’t start off as vegans or still are not.

So keep reading on straight vegans, gay vegans, bisexual vegans, and bi-curious vegans. I am going to spare words of caution here, as I assume you are all grown up wise and alert vegan readers, and will of course not share personal information online with the first pervert that pretends to be vegan (he/she is claiming to be vegan since the moment your chat started, possibly), right?

Listed here are some of the top vegan dating websites worldwide with a brief review, with the best of luck to all of you dear brave vegan singles.

So unlike other dating events in the capital, you can skip on having to explain why you don’t fancy tucking into a steak on your first date.

The whole concept is based around speed dating so you can meet lots of new people in one night.

As we progress on our vegan journey we learn how to stand firm on our principles while making compromises on issues that are out of our hands.

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