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When I connect the webcam via usb I can see the device when executing the lsusb command in the terminal.I can also see that the file /dev/video0 is created after I plug in the webcam, but I cannot find an application that is able to display the stream from the webcam.I am trying to connect my usb webcam to my Transformer Prime.The webcam uses a generic Realtek chipset, which should be supported by the linux kernel.Is is possible to open this stream using an app under Android? I found an eclipse project under this url: application works and displays the picture from my webcam, but before running the app I had to execute the command "chmod 777 /dev/video0" in the terminal and every time I reconnected the device again.Originally Posted by Thenetstriker I now found a way to access the webcam. On my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Cyanogenmod 9) it crashes the phone when using /dev/video0 and when using /dev/bus/usb/002/003 it just doesn't work. Thanks Thenetstriker, I failed to mention that i am using Iconia A500 rooted stock 3.2 not the TF201.These were created previously in Adobe Premiere but encoded with the exact same settings using ffmpeg to ensure that the streams were of the exact same format.A Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed is an xml data file that provides a summary of the information contained here.

have you tried putting "chmod 777 /dev/video0" in your rc script?

If you were to have 25 webcams running at one time, it would drastically reduce your attendees ability to watch the presentation in real time due to the high demand on their internet connection. I would prefer a lower resolution and more simultan webcampictures.

I apologize if this was not clearly outlined, and as you can see the reasoning was designed for a better customer experience overall. Otherwise we would have to look for another provider.

What we spend on Go To XXX products is very high, and this type of issue not be handled by Citrix is disappointing.

Hello Glenn (or other Citrix leader), I see the last reply on this subject was 7 months ago. We've used Go To Assist for years and recently started using Go To Meeting, Go To Webinar, Go To Training.

In part to see how it would work, and in part to evaluate the possibilities for some specific applications I have completed a project to create a daily time lapse video that is completely automated using the Axis M1104 web cam, ffmpeg video transcoder, and simple shell scripts.

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