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Since Marriott's stint on the series, and subsequent (but brief) rise to fame, he has settled for a more low-key life.Us Weekly was at the discussion presented by WE tv, where Marriott — wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, and sporting a full PHOTOS: The Bachelor couples -- What happened After the Final Rose "I went back to work.There were a total of four seasons, the first two following the original show premise, and the last two bringing back contestants from prior seasons.Instead of attempting to make a "dream couple" between two extremely attractive people, Average Joe tried to get 16 to 18 ordinary men to win over the heart of a beauty queen.Reality TV show where twenty single women fly to France in order to win the affection of a handsome American they believe to be worth million.The twist: The as-yet unidentified man is actually a construction worker with an annual income of ,000.would be its sibling who played lacrosse, rather than polo, in high school). Granted we’re only one episode in, but Matt does not seem to have such concerns at the moment (or at least not ones expressed for the camera).

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Stunning former beauty queen and NFL cheerleader Melana Scantlin takes up residence in a beautiful Palm Springs mansion, expecting to meet 16 Prince Charmings who will vie to win her heart.As part of the ruse, Kingsley (the “butler” / ostensible host of the proceedings) refers to Matt as “sir” when talking about him to the contestants. Later, when the women finally get to interact with Matt, they ask him what they should call him and he says, “Anything you like will do for now.” (One woman jokes she could call him “master,” which is laughed off by all in extremely uncomfortable fashion.) How long is this gonna go on for??! What she doesn't know is that the men she's about to meet are actually "Average Joes" - nice guys with great hearts, but admittedly average looks - some even describing themselves as nerds and geeks!While Melana must decide how to proceed on a series of group and one-on-one dates, the guys form bonds and rivalries, experiencing a wide range of emotional ups and downs as the series unfolds."Average Joe" had its series premiere on November 3, 2003 and ran for four seasons on NBC.Some friends got together, had a little intervention, a come to Jesus moment." His friends delivered the sad truth.

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