Updating wm5

Today I thought I would demonstrate a proof of concept that may enable you to create today screen items in managed languages such as C# or VB. In part this early preview was brought about by a recent request for advice on how to create managed Input Methods for the SIP keyboard, something that I think could be achieved using a similar approach.

This is still a work in progress to see what is possible….

I consider SSH the least similar between the three.NET Compact Framework” a technique were a C based today screen item was developed to display HTML based content that was generated by a C# application.Although this is suitable for some applications it doesn’t lend itself to highly interactive or graphic intensive animated displays.Its origins dated back to Windows CE in 1996, though Windows Mobile itself first appeared in 2000 as Pocket PC 2000.It was renamed "Windows Mobile" in 2003, at which point it came in several versions (similar to the desktop versions of Windows) and was aimed at business and enterprise consumers. If you do not see what you are looking for please e-mail us at [email protected]

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