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Here's what the troubleshooter looks like when you download and run it: And here's the interface for hiding specific updates.If you've already determined that a Windows update or a driver delivered as part of a Windows Update package is causing problems, you need to uninstall the defective update or remove the problem driver. Clearly, one of Microsoft's goals in changing the behavior of Windows Update in Windows 10 was to drag customers, kicking and screaming if necessary, into the always-up-to-date world, in the process removing many of the most common vectors for malware, unpatched systems.

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The package is labeled for use with the Windows 10 Insider Preview, but based on its performance on the final (10240) preview build, it looks like it should work with the final release beginning July 29.

One such tweet, from a longtime Windows tester, even managed to catch Gabe Aul's attention.

When Windows 10 arrives this week, Windows Update won't include that option, but Microsoft does have a well-hidden troubleshooter package, KB3073930, which allows you to hide or block Windows Updates and, crucially, driver updates.

You connect to your account through your web browser and a secure login.

After logging in, you can change the content of your galleries, add or change images, edit captions, change layouts or edit the text on your informational pages.

You will be given a login username and password which you use to access a special web page.

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