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In this post I will be looking at PHP Sessions, why you need them, how you should store them and I’ll give you a complete class for handling Sessions within a database.

Before we get into implementing a Sessions solution, it’s important to understand exactly what they are.

I'm not sure if the problem can be solved by PHP or Javascript.

This means that every request you make in a browser is anonymous in the sense that it is not tied to the previous request in any way.

This is because custom session storage handlers are registered within this method.

To learn how to configure and use these component classes, please refer to their API documentation.

Yii encapsulates sessions and cookies as objects and thus allows you to access them in an object-oriented fashion with additional useful enhancements.

Like requests and responses, you can get access to sessions via the You can call open() and close() multiple times without causing errors; internally the methods will first check if the session is already open.

Below is an example showing how to configure yii\web\Db Session in the application configuration to use a database table for session storage: Flash data is a special kind of session data which, once set in one request, will only be available during the next request and will be automatically deleted afterwards.

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