Updating samsung omnia software


Now I have below versions in my phone- OS Version: 7.10.8858.136 Firmware revision number: 24.3 Hardware revision number: Radio software version: 0424.12.3.1 Radio hardware version: Bootloader version: Chip SOC version: Good Luck!!!Verizon realease software update CF03 with GPS unlocked and open to be used with other location-based services.

This will fix “Image resize Fail” seen by some users.

i'm a serious samsung die hard fan, but i'm getting disappointed in many ways i really want this phone, please do something samsung Ive used the phone for a full day, got it this morning.

Samsung Sweden has confirmed a free firmware update for Omnia II users.

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Samsung also confirmed to launch a white Omnia II and will ship all Omnia II devices pre-installed with WM 6.5.3 OS after late May.

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