Updating powerbook cd drive

Over the past week my boot time has gone from around 50 seconds to .

Ive cut out all the unwanted programs at boot using msconfig but that still doesnt make much difference.

Thank you so much for going above and beyond just selling parts. Other marks may be the trademark or registered trademark of their owners.

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• Prosoft Data Backup (Mac OS X); Nova Stor Nova Backup (Windows) • NTI Dragonburn 4 DVD/CD Authoring Software for Mac • 10 Pieces of 8X DVD-R Media with mini-Jewel Cases Add up to 2.0TB internal HDD or speed up your laptop with an OWC SSD.

OWC Memory Lifetime Limited Warrantyincluding the OWC Lifetime Advanced Replacement Program OWC Memory Upgrades are backed by an OWC Memory Lifetime Limited Warranty including the OWC Lifetime Advanced Replacement Program and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Just plug in the Emu board, and you’ll be up and running in seconds.

Compatible with the original Mac 128K through the Mac II series and Power Mac.

Ive just upgraded from Vista Home premium to Windows 7 RTM.

Fortunately, it's fairly easy to replace the hard drive. The first step is to clone your Mac's hard drive onto the SSD.

For this, you can use a utility such as Carbon Copy Cloner, but we're going to show you how to do it with Apple's own Disk Utility program.

It uses a removable SD memory card and custom hardware to mimic an Apple floppy disk and drive, or an Apple hard drive.

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