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This can generate that message, as well, when you close Word. Look under the Developer Tab and look under both Add-Ins buttons.

If, as I suspect, there are Add-Ins, disable any having to do with bluetooth. This deals with the "changes have been made" message.

Bonus undocumented tip: In Word 2003 and earlier, the default template was named (not as in Word 20).

Other steps suggested in the earlier version support docs suggest deleting Add-ins and Macros, but this is a new clean installation and I don't think I have any of either of those. This is an alarm that a change has been made to your normal template.Turning off a smoke detector because it keeps going off is not a good idea. And yes, you can turn it off while you are looking!The first time you start Word on a new installation, it creates a file.I haven't found any support docs dealing with this in Word 2013.Per instructions for some earlier versions, I checked in Options/Advanced under the Save area and "prompt before saving Normal template" is not checked (as was suggested).It can also be a bit daunting to change the template all new documents will be based on, but you can learn the basics fairly quickly.

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