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The working group builds on over 10 years of work by the IHO Standardization of Nautical Publications Working Group (SNPWG) in developing methods to provide nautical publications content in a SOLAS Chapter V conformant format based on the new IHO S-100 universal hydrographic data model for hydrographic and maritime related digital data products.

The paper will discuss the history of work that has gone into developing digital nautical publications including the evolution of work by SNPWG and its successor NIPWG.

Update cards are available for the GPSMAP 78, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 1000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and echo MAP 50/70 series devices as well as the Montana 600 and Oregon 400c.

If you have preprogrammed Blue Chart or Lake Vü micro SD/SD cards, you can update your cards for a discounted price³.

Now imagine their captains carrying i Phones: instant access to the latest nautical charts, bird's eye view of battleship disposition, push-button ... Ships-of-the-line, corvettes and brigantines battling it out on the high seas. A photoshop plugin which allows you to read NOAA marine charts. BSB or KAP A photoshop plugin which allows you to read NOAA marine charts.

NOAA marine charts are the standard raster charts and have the file extension of *and * FEATURES: A· Support for optional (and free) Fugawi Google Earth Plug-in A· Unlocked Garmin IMG maps may be uploaded to a Garmin mapping GPS receiver A· Full navigational features: speed, waypoints, routes, distance to go, course to steer, magnetic and true courses A· Show your track and current location on the screen A· NMEA autopilot support A· View the map north-up, map-up, or course-up A· Loads appropriate map from your own digital map library as you travel A· Choose from imperial, metric, or nautical display units ...

Updates may include new data or NTM (Notice to Mariners) changes.

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One way to do this is to refer to a marine chart or nautical publication to determine the location of hazards on the lake, river or ocean you’re boating on as well as the location of safe harbours or shelter.

Chart Trainer -Learn to read nautical charts like an expert.

Chart Trainer is designed to help mariners interpret nautical charts and use them more efficiently, both traditional paper charts ...

It also accommodates actual date and payment amount tracking as ...

The work of IHO working group Nautical Information Provision Working Group (NIPWG)In July of 2015 the IHO working group NIPWG met for their first meeting.

We are committed to providing updates for our marine cartography products.

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