Updating ipod without losing proir


To perform the restore, you must have i Tunes, which means you can save all the music onto i Tunes prior to running the restore.When you're finished, i Tunes automatically places all your music back onto your device.Just a matter of copying and pasting, it’s that simple.But syncing a lonely i Pod with a new computer (without losing content already existing on the i Pod) is not easy, and there’s no guideline provided by Apple whatsoever. Since you have all the content on your i Pod, we can extract it from the i Pod, import it into the new computer’s i Tunes library, and sync with the new library.Check the "Upgrade to i Tunes Media organization" box if you want i Tunes to reorganize your media files and then click "OK." If you are prompted with a progress bar dialog, wait for it to complete. Re-open the Preferences dialog box and open the Advanced tab again.

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All software programs, i Tunes included, are vulnerable to becoming corrupted.

Navigate to the location of the folder on your hard drive, right-click on it and select the "Copy" option from the context menu.

Navigate to the folder or drive where you'd like to place the backup, right-click and select the "Paste" option to create your i Tunes library backup. Open the Start menu and click "Control Panel." Click the "Uninstall a program" link and select i Tunes from the list of installed programs.

An i Tunes reinstallation usually will not remove or change your music library, but if you can still open i Tunes, back up your library prior to beginning the reinstallation. Open the "Edit" menu in i Tunes and click "Preferences." Open the "Advanced" tab, check the "Copy files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library" box (if it isn't checked already) and then click "OK." 2.

Open the "File" menu, click "Library" and then click "Organize Library." Check the "Consolidate files" box (if it isn't already checked).

That’s why it is recommended to have a backup of your computer, and doing so might save you a lot of hassle, kinda like what you’re probably going through right now! But if the music/content is purchased via i Tunes, you can simply authorize the computer, and i Tunes will instantly recognize the i Pod.

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