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The text will change depending on the hyperlink selected, but all the links will connect to the same worksheet and the same field. Yes, this can be done by utilizing macros on two Excel workbook "events". Download Excel spreadsheet (as demonstrated below) In our spreadsheet, there are two sheets called Hyperlinks and Destination.

The field I am wanting to populate controls numerous lookup functions. The Hyperlinks sheet contains three hyperlinks in cell A3, A6, and A9.

In our example below, we've selected "Hyperlink #2" in cell A6.

You can view the macros by pressing Dim GSource Cell As String Private Sub Workbook_Sheet Follow Hyperlink(By Val Sh As Object, By Val Target As Hyperlink) 'Update cell B2 in Destination sheet based on the origin of hyperlink If Sh.

" Do you mean that if it was opened between the Monday and Tuesday it should always display a value, but if it wasn't then no value should be displayed if it is opened later?

Your wording is open to many different interpretations. Let me try to be a little more clear and answer your questions.

You’ve probably used the Excel Paste Special command to multiply cells by a specific percentage, or to add the same amount to a group of cells.

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Name = "Hyperlinks" Then 'Capture last active cell on Hyperlinks worksheet and store in global variable GSource Cell = Target.

By loaded, do you mean that it is opened and displayed on the screen? this monday and this tuesday" do you mean between July 2nd and 3rd, or do you mean Monday or Tuesday of the current week?

What do you mean by "when the sheet is opened later, it should keep the value it received earlier?

In Microsoft Excel 2013, I have created a hyperlink from one worksheet to another within the same file.

But when the linked worksheet is pulled up, I want to populate the designated field with some text.

All three hyperlinks point to cell B2 in the Destination sheet .

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