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This $update variable is set equal to a mysql_query() function that has the parameter "UPDATE Users_Table SET state='FL' WHERE name='John'". The UPDATE keyword is used followed by the table name.This is how the code knows which table in the database we want to update.In linux too when you install php5 mysql package, My SQLi automatically gets installed, more details about installation in Linux and Windows can be found here.My Sqli offers two ways to connect to the database, procedural and object oriented, the recommended way to open a database connection is object oriented way, because it is secure, faster and efficient.If an update on a row would result in a violation of a primary key or unique index, the update on that row is not performed.

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and remove comment (semi-colon) from the start of the line extension=php_We can get selected checkbox values via j Query AJAX post or by accessing the form from PHP after page refresh.While implementing multiple rows update or delete, we need to follow some steps.update(2, 'My SQL PHP Update Tutorial', 'My SQL PHP Update using prepared statement', '2013-01-01', '2013-01-01') !== false) echo 'The task has been updated successfully'; else echo 'Error updated the task';update(2, 'My SQL PHP Update Tutorial', 'My SQL PHP Update using prepared statement', '2013-01-01', '2013-01-01') !The procedural style is much similar to old My Sql and it may be helpful to users who are just switching to My Sqli, but should keep away altogether.

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