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The recorded program is stored for 4 days from the time of recording.Time Shift Television is an exciting feature that allows you to playback live TV channels at any time you want.If you miss an important part of a movie, a show, or a sporting event, you can view it by ‘rewinding’ the particular channel (that displays the TSTV sign).This feature enables parents to restrict certain channels which are not suitable for juvenile viewing.All Video Converter is a streamlined software bundle that allows users to modify the format of an existing video so that it can be viewed in multiple players. Free Arc is a software package that will help users compress specific files into more streamlined formats.

If you can't find the answer you need, or if you find an error, please leave a comment below.If you have questions for the developer, post them on the official forums. Bit Heroes currently has four zones: Bit Valley, Wintermarsh, Lakehaven, and Ashvale.Important links: Flags are represented by flags on the map, and can only be completed once. Dungeons have three levels of difficulty, and you gain a star for completing each difficulty once. Turn on 'Video Ads' in settings, and disable Ad Block/u Block if playing in browser.The service currently offers 100 live TV channels and over 2000 hours of entertainment content through its Video on Demand service available in 150 cities.PTCL Smart TV delivers television programs to households via broadband connection and requires a subscription and a set-top box.Your Chromecast, small as it is, can do a lot thanks to a plethora of available apps.

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