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(Michigan) Question: My mom had a stroke in August 2013 it affected her right side.She has all her mobility back but tires easily, this is nothing new.Many people who have strokes want to maintain control of their own lives and may not respond well to being told what to do.Maybe you could include her in activities that would allow her to be more active without making it obvious that is what you are doing.

This is a person who could not stand to go 8 hours with out a shower.

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If we try to say something to her or get her to do something then she blows up and all progress is lost. My older brother is handicapped with Parkinson's disease in an assisted living home and I am so afraid my mom is going to put my dad in an early grave. If she is open to it, she could see a neuropsychologist who specializes in emotional issues after stroke.

You could also post your question on a caregiver support group forum and see what other people have done in this situation that was helpful.

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