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Although Sales pins her case on online dating in general, she’s mostly focused on Tinder, whose “swipe” function she sees as the epitome of quick and easy shopping for sex.

Fair enough, @hhusted, I'm just going by hearsay/what friends have mentioned (not that they've ever gone in search of houses of ill repute, to be fair).

I couldn’t think of anything absolutely beyond amazing (or even, you know, anything at all), so I’m letting other people do the heavy lifting and having a PLEASE JUST NAME THIS COLUMN FOR ME, C’MON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO, EVERYONE’S DOING IT CONTEST. Craptastic, really, if "tastic" indicated more "superlative of crap" and less "sort of awesome"). I think it’s clear I’m not really that great with the uber clever column names, and I’m okay with that. – you’ll receive a dinner for two courtesy of Time Out, and you can invite me or, if you’re just not that into me (also totally fine), invite someone you’d actually want to sit and look at during a meal.

In return – cause, really, who does anything for free nowadays?

And you can't leave out Time Out NY's listing of public sexcapades: @Broadway Bk enjoyed reading NYC's versions of lovers [email protected] This was an eye opener thought they only existed in cities like Bangkok Btw this is what the latest L magazine threw up- Whatever you're into, whether it be Proust, parcour, or kinky S&M orgies, NYC has got it!

You've gotta love it - NYC must be the only place on the planet where even the most obscure fetish probably has its own club night and meeting group...

For the past two months (since I stopped writing AM New York’s dating column), I know you’ve all been wandering about, aimlessly lost, devoid of direction or purpose, unable to think clearly, steadfastly bewildered, scared and alone, muddled and nonplussed, hopeless and … Anyway, you probably wondered to yourself, "Self, where should I get all my dating advice now that Julia no longer writes an actual dating column and instead just posts photos of herself on her blog, not smiling in the exact same way every single time??

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