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1996John Evans Distinguished Professorship, University of Denver 1996Residency at the Bellagio Study and Conference Center, Lake Como, Italy, The Rockefeller Foundation, 5 weeks. Britiish Archaeological Reports, International Series. 2008Horses and Gender on the Edge of the Steppes, in Are All Warriors Male?

1989Burlington-Northern Faculty Achievement Award - Outstanding Scholar 1988Phi Beta Kappa, Honorary Member, Gamma of Colorado chapter. Book Chapters: ip Korean Fishing and Foraging Sites in the Holocene, in From the Jomon to Star Carr: Hunter Gatherers of East and West Temperate Eurasia, S.

Now, my brother has finally reached high school age and he tells me about different girls he likes.

When Robert had a chance to return to school at Oklahoma State Tech, we decided he should, and we moved to Okmulgee, Oklahoma, where Rene Lynne was born about a month before he graduated.You are short or tall, fat or skinny, black or white. How do you define yourself when you look in the mirror?What characteristics would you use to define your personality?Janelle did for a while before going to the bed room. I missed seeing great-grandchildren Katie, Emma, and Ethan.However, I'm thankful for the family members I did see and got to hug.Haylee told me she would tell Katie and Emma that Granny loves them.

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