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And my Twitter, my email was blowing up, people were sending me text messages, people were saying “I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to say” …couldn’t wait to hear what I was going to say because I actually hadn’t thought it through yet!Word begin circulating early in the night that Timberlake was the surprise guest Swift had promised audiences. Swift told the crowd, “So Justin hasn’t performed since he became a dad, so I’m just honored that this is his first performance.” But Timberlake wasn’t the only special guest to join Swift onstage.Oftentimes when celebrities' romantic relationships head south, they take one of three approaches.Taylor Swift is having quite the summer—from her breakup with Calvin Harris to the birth of Hiddleswift to Kim Kardashian’s receipts-apalooza, plus or minus a Nils Sjoberg, she’s been consistently dominating headlines.But what does it all Lainey is where many of the smart women I follow online turn for informed interpretation of the latest celebrity scandal.

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After parading out a never-ending stream of celebrity guests during her 1989 World Tour, Swift brought out the big guns: Justin Timberlake and close friend Selena Gomez. We can trace the inevitability of this moment all the way back to 2008 when Timberlake and Ellen De Generes surprised a 19-year-old lovestruck Taylor on-air. Swift paid homage to that childhood crush when teasing her special guest at the beginning of the concert by saying she had a surprise for “the kind of crowd I used to daydream about as a kid.” But even if the Staples Center audience wasn’t aware of all the history behind this collaboration, anticipation in the venue was sky-high.The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' arrived in the UK to perform at the Wembley Stadium event on Sunday, and also praised her friend Ellie Goulding for putting on an "incredible" performance during the show."We're on the American tour right now and we just took a day to come here," Taylor exclusively told Capital FM at the event.They either refuse to discuss the details surrounding the fallout (regardless of how vocal they were about the relationship in the beginning), deny it until they have no choice but to 'fess up and release a vaguely worded public statement, or they take the creative route, choosing to show us how truly artistic they are by letting it all hang out in the form a "diss my ex" song.From Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" to Kelis' "Caught Out There," there's no secret that despite however fabulous they may appear to the untrained eye, celebrity breakups can get just as ugly as anyone else's."I'd never even been in Wembley Stadium before today, so this is just crazy. " Taylor said, when told that special guest host Justin had given a shout-out to "my girl Taylor" during the show's opening. "So basically we're best friends now, me and Justin? Check out a picture of Taylor performing during the show below (Credit: Danny North): The 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer also hailed Ellie Goulding after her performance, saying: "Ellie Goulding is one of my friends and I love her and I think she's incredible." "They're so good!

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