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The AP found that the soldier, an officer, went on to become a U. Nevertheless, when a teenager said she was raped by a peacekeeper in Haiti, Dias was dispatched to investigate the 2013 case.

In an interview in the garden of his mother's home here, he explained the charges were groundless, even though he never interviewed the woman.

& to counter the females as described on top, I also got to know a bit more about male stereotypes as well.

These male stereotypes are as follows:a) The School boy or the Tuition class crush – these males are usually young boys with little or no experience of sex.

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I was brought up in London and I love to dance and make new friends.

She said she now believes the marriage was 'all about the money'.'I don't know what happened but he didn't come home as often as I thought he would.

'The last few months were very hard as we argued all the time and he would get angry and smash things.

However most males in Sri Lanka have types of women they associate with at different stages of their life:a) The School or Tuition class crush – whom they court & have little or no sexual intimacy with (& many of the men do end up having long relationships with these girls over many years, until they get married – “marriage acts as a license to have sex”)b) The Testers – Women (especially girls from broken families, “loose morals” or the black sheep of society), who are considered good to fool around with (i.e.: not a virgin therefore free to have sex with, but not good enough to marry or consider a relationship with because they’ve been with many a man)c) True Loves – These women are girls who are supposed to have a preserved virginity too, but they may have had unsuccessful relationships & break ups over the course of their lives.

Men pursue such women, mostly based on physical attractiveness and chemistry & eventually many end up getting married.d) The Forbidden Fruit – the married women.

They are mostly virgins who view the world through pornography and are very shy towards girls in general.

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