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on a Monday night, they landed at Ljubljana’s Brnik airport in Trump’s Boeing 727.After a thirty-minute drive, they arrived at the Grand Hotel Toplice, a luxury property on Lake Bled.Hilton then went on to have one of the first successful reality TV careers with Nicole Richie on .Finally, Hilton took her influence and built a personal brand before personal brands were commonplace, publishing best-selling books and putting her name and face on everything from canine apparel to a German sparkling wine called “Rich Prosecco.” Her now-famous catchphrase, “That’s hot,” is also legally trademarked. No one but Paris Hilton knows the exact location of her old Sidekick cell phone.”Despite Hilton’s longtime dependency on various cellular devices, it is perhaps visionaries like Steve Jobs who are indebted to her, seeing that it was Hilton who took their creations beyond their wildest expectations, inventing along the way the maligned but ubiquitous selfie.“If a beeper had a camera, I would have taken a selfie with it,” said Hilton later, agreeing that she was truthfully the matriarch of the modern phenomenon.

Upon request one afternoon in April, she disappeared into the depths of one of the many closets in her Beverly Hills mansion and returned minutes later with not one, but two of the early Aughts T-Mobile artifacts, as well as her bedazzled Blackberry with a pink ‘P’ on it, a gold Razr flip phone—also bedazzled in a cheetah pattern—and two more recent Blackberry models.

Zorbing ist eine aus Neuseeland stammende Trendsportart, bei der sich ein bis zwei Personen in einem gigantischen aufblasbaren Ball einen Abhang hinabrollen.

Doch im Fall der Russen überrollte die Kugel die Abgrenzung und geriet außer Kontrolle. Zwar versuchten Umstehende die Kugel noch aufzuhalten, doch die rollte in einer unberechenbaren Eigendynamik weiter den Berg hinab.

Adams, “Americanness was forcefully impressed” upon her and her siblings.

Her father named one of her sisters, born in 1776, Carolina Virginia Marylanda.

Entering the hotel’s restaurant through a side door, they were shown to a table with a view.

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