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Or release the source code so we can do it ourselves. And no, I won't update to Mavricks; I'm fine with the current version I have; thanks. It’s easy to update Skype; once you do, you’ll have access to the latest features our team has worked hard to deliver.A good way to find telephone numbers is to use a free "411" service: 1-800-FRE-E411 (1-800-373-3411) This corresponds with the online service called "Free 411" and although it is free, you may have to listen to an advertisement to use it!

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For other phone number sources good places to start are the Phone Numbers section of Yahoo and the IPL's listings of Telephone & Address Resources.

To continue using Skype, please update to the latest version.

In all your web content you people claim that forcing us to drop 4.2 and move to 4.3 improves our lives and makes our Skype experience better. All in all it seems that this "forced upgrade" is not going down well with many people.

Plus for a limited time all new callers get FREE on their 1st call!

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The frustration is even visible in the Linux Skype community (a community Skype has often ignored), where a staff moderator posted last Friday, August 1, this message: From today, users with Skype for Linux version 4.2 and older will not be able to sign in to Skype.

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