Site not updating changes


Pushing down is not an all-or-nothing operation: if the push down of changes fails on one list, Share Point Foundation continues pushing down the changes to the remaining lists.Share Point Foundation returns a list of errors encountered at the end of the push-down operation.The MOSS profiles are created when users are imported into the system from AD or LDAP.They are access from People Search or from a link off of your My Site.

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This is because when you add a site column to a list, Share Point Foundation copies the site column definition locally to the list as a list column.

You can connect a Microsoft Share Point library to Microsoft Outlook 2010.

This enables you to view and edit Share Point library files in Outlook.

What you're experiencing isn't all that uncommon, though its persistence through the steps you've taken to clear it up is.

As we've discussed before, your internet browser - be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or any of the others - typically keeps what's called a 'cache' of recently downloaded files.

Share Point Foundation never writes changes made to a site column back to the site column definition itself.

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