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First, you need to make sure you have something that looks like it is SFW even though it is NSFW.

Remember to always “top up” your account when your credits are getting low so they are always available when you need them the most! You wouldn’t want to miss out on something great just because you added your payments late, so just make sure to reload & unload often. To see the options available for CANADA click here.

True or false: Your teen could be convicted of a felony and be labeled as a sex offender — for life — if he or she has sexted photos of classmates? It calls for some intense discussions about judgement and decision-making, and it certainly demands some form of significant punishment. This seems beyond harsh, especially for such a common high school transgression.

The answer is “True” if your kid lives in one of the many states, like Colorado, that doesn’t have laws specifically addressing teens who sext. Earlier this week, it was revealed that an unspecified number of Cañon City High School students had been suspended for using their smartphones to share explicit photos of their fellow students — apparently all consenting, but all under age 18. And common it is: A recent Drexel University survey reported that an eye-popping 54 percent of college students said they had sent sexually explicit photos or messages when they were under the age 18, almost always in the context of flirting or a relationship.

Remain SFW Most texting apps are NSFW, and you could lose your job if you are caught using one of these apps at work.

Your boss does not mind if you check for texts from friends and family.

No charges were filed as the Fremont County District Attorney determined the punishment would be too severe for the teenagers and have lifelong effects. Rhonda Fields have introduced HB 1058, which would make sending a nude picture of yourself or someone else a misdemeanor for juveniles in the state.

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