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Police are tentatively considering whether the attacks were a message to Mr Caring. 'He's obviously p***ed off someone,' says a local shop owner, who prefers not to be named. What does he expect - a red carpet landing pad for his helicopter?

' There's been tension between cash-strapped locals and well- off urban incomers in Britain's beauty spots for years.

The second was killed with a single shot a fortnight ago.

Neither was butchered for its antlers or venison - they were just left to die.

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Dr Peter Byass MBCh B MRCGP I graduated from Leeds University in 2005 and worked in the West Yorkshire area doing different medical and surgical jobs before starting a Psychiatry rotation.Before working in Dulverton I was a GP in a large practice in Barnstaple. I am also a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and have an interest in sexual health.I am married to a consultant psychiatrist in Exeter and we have 3 children, 2 daughters and a son.Thousands of messages were later found on her computer between the two of them, many sent via Facebook, and the girl later admitted the "relationship" with Bond started when she was aged just 13.Bond, of Normandy Way, Taunton, was given a community sentence at Taunton Crown Court today despite the court hearing that the school's headmaster had warned him about his conduct with the girl before he was caught and arrested.It must have been quite a shock to the 1,600-plus residents to have found their sleepy home thrust into the headlines when two stags were found shot dead on the 500-acre estate of Richard Caring - a perma-tanned fashion and restaurant mogul.

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