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Spring break gone bad: Brittanee Drexel (right) was visiting Myrtle Beach in April 2009 when she went missing.She was last seen leaving the hotel where one group of friends was staying, but never made it back to her own room.Try one of these fool-proof ways to get a State girl’s attention and hopefully a first date too!Do: Sit in the Brickyard with a husky or wolf puppy.Moody was a person that was investigated in this case.His hotel room was searched last year and he is one of many people that we have investigated during the course of this investigation,’ Myrtle Beach police captain David Knipe wrote in a statement to Carolina Live.She had gotten into an argument with her mother who would not allow her to go on the trip with her older friends, and instead of staying at a friend’s home near Lake Ontario like she said she would, Brittanee went on the trip anyway.Last seen: Brittanee was shown on the security footage of the Blue Water Resort in Myrtle Beach as she left the room of a group of her male friends and headed to the nearby hotel where she and some girlfriends were staying back in 2009 Throughout the multi-year search police have said that there were anywhere between one and three people of interest, but have never formally released the names of these individuals either to the press or to Brittanee’s family.

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Do: Show up at her door with a pint of Howling Cow Ice Cream and a movie.

Don’t: your interest in her by knowing her favorite flavor, you’re sure to have a sweet night!

The informants say that Drexel was killed in Mc Clellanville, South Carolina, a town about an hour south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Drexel disappeared in 2009.

The last signal from Drexel’s phone came from Mc Clellanville.

He survived just about all of it but could not survive 6-25 a season after 11-19. The Dragons are the proverbial house whose foundation cement remains wet.

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