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different: an adaptation of a Jane Austen story, in which she plays a widowed aristocrat hanging on to her standing in society despite dwindling assets.

In honor of the film’s throwback to a very different kind of society, we asked Beckinsale to read from a book of 18th century dating etiquette, which includes everything from the specific details of the “courting candle” to the dangers of women who reveal too much ankle.

Marcus Luttrell's daughter Addie may only be 2-years-old, but that hasn't stopped the 6'2'' father from preparing for the moment every parent dreads: dating.

In a Facebook post that has nearly 40,000 likes and 4,900 shares, Luttrell outlines what each future boyfriend of Addie's will have to go through in order to win his approval.

Bumble is available in your App Store and Google Play store!

We are currently focusing on i OS and Android, but we’d love to eventually roll out for Windows Phone.

We have complicated our dating lives by creeping personal information with the swipe of an i Phone and including our friends' opinions on every detail. This way, you base your opinion on who they are as a person and not the weird profile photo they had five years ago.

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I text when I want, I wink when I feel like it, I’ll call a guy three times in a row.

Both parties in any same sex connection are encouraged to make the first move and are completely able to do so.

Bumble loves every user, and we continually take feedback that will help us make the app more friendly and successful for everyone.

If it doesn’t work out, there will always be others.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t felt the scorn of an un-replied text, and thus, am open to The Rules pitch.

RELATED STORY: Dying Dad Dances with His Three Daughters at Faux-Wedding One commenter in particular wrote, "This is one of the major problems within our society today..the dad he can protect and advise his daughter all he wants but in the end..isn't his choice or his life...belongs to her." What do you think about Luttrell's sentiments?

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