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Mark writes: In the episode, Wolders plays a skiing instructor Moore’s ‘Mary Richards’ character begins dating, to the consternation of her friends and co-workers, all of whom assume there can’t be anything but a physical attraction between them. 14, about Joan Carroll and Skip Homeier, regular reader Patricia Nolan-Hall (aka Caftan Woman) has some thoughts about the actor’s best work aside from 1951′s star-laden World War II drama, Budd Boetticher, ‘The Tall T’ and ‘Comanche Station.’ (I’m a western fan).

I sincerely hope both Joan and Skip are enjoying this time in their lives, and know what pleasure their work still gives fans., which costarred Randolph Scott, Richard Boone and Maureen O’Sullivan, is named ‘Billy Jack.’ This was many years before actor-writer-director Tom Laughlin created his 1970′s screen vigilante of the same name () .

While these new generations of fans place gigantic posters of Audrey on their walls as a testament to her work (and fashion prowess), they're wondering what she's about.

Who are you, beautiful lady, with your signature little black dress and long cigarette?

), and romanced Ginger Rogers, Rosemary Clooney, Joan Fontaine, and most famously, Joan Crawford.

Among his wives were actresses Buff Cobb and Dana Wynter.

Jacques Bergerac Handsome French 'actor' who married Ginger Rogers and got a string of roles in B-movies and television shows, including The Lucy Show. He later quit 'acting' and became the head of Revlon's Paris office.(Look at those wilted flowers..a romantic setting)Robert Wolders: married to much older Merle Oberon.

Wolders stopped acting shortly after marrying Merle Oberon in 1975.

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Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, to report that to our surprise, the “sweetheart of Winnepeg” has inspired an unusual (for us) number of articulate responses, almost passionate in intensity. There are few things in life we cherish more than hearing from you — early and often. You might be surprised that after all these years, Durbin would provoke such sustained interest and strong reaction.

Deanna hung it all up more than 60 years ago — and by all accounts has been living in a small village in north central France ever since. We all are miffed at her early departure from the public and longed for her to do Broadway and concerts, and more movies with other stars. All credit goes to our friend and fellow Durbin fan, Mark.

He met actress Merle Oberon while filming Interval in 1973.

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