Rami chris project runway dating


: The judges declared a tie between Rami and Chris, and asked each to design a collection for Bryant Park; one of the two would be chosen to show at Bryant Park Fashion Week based on his three strongest pieces : Cheron, Anna Lita, Marie, and Jacqueline were used in this challenge to show off the designers' strongest pieces of their collection.

However, they will not be in contention for the finale win.

Memo to Michael Kors: stop dying your hair with that godawful color. Victorya was a raging cunt during the whole show so it didn't surprise me how she acted at the reunion. It was actually a humane, human moment on her part and STILL it gets interpreted as bitchy."Very strange that if that is actually the case, none of it was shown on camera or even explained in the reunion.

If you go back and watch the episode, there is no indication Victorya had any ill will towards Jack.

Victoria (or Victorya, whichever) is a bitch, period. Just as an FYI, they have the final 5's collections from Bryant Park up on the Bravo website, if you want to see them before the final show airs. Jack looked well, but I don't think his face or arms look any different from when he was on the show.

I’m basically just going to hit the highlights for you. Tim congratulates her on having her own show during fashion week and she just gives him this smug nod like, “yeah. Too bad you guys were too stupid to realize it.” Somehow I doubt she’ll be the one walking away with that ,000 fan favorite check.

Elisa Jimenez, Sweet P Vaughn and Rami Kashou later appeared in Project Runway: All Stars in 2012, where Elisa placed 13th, Sweet P Placed 12th, and Rami came in 8th place out of 13.

In 2014, Chris March appeared in the fourth season of All Stars, coming in 12th place out of 14.

Second of all, what two of the guys can you picture together?

I was at the Bryantn Park show and his stuff drew gasps. If he DOES have one now he WON'T after all the fucking he'll be doing now that he'll have his fifteen minutes of fame. You're cute, suddenly well known, everyone's throwing themselves at you... These things usually resolve themselves in about 18 minths, and usually with the dumping of the first BF, or wife, or whatever, but Rami's no kid.

Jillian's was deemed uncohesive and nothing special. If THAT'S the boyfriend, he has a LOT to be guarded about. To the person who knows a person who heard a person who was at the finale: What was the reaction to the colors he chose? I loved his three gowns, a fantastic departure from the draping. Christian has mega talent but he needs some growing up to find his true direction. Didn't thank the BF at Bryant Park and introduced him as a "friend" on the home visits show.

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