Quicken security prices not updating


Quicken Deluxe, for .99, adds features like retirement planning and an enhanced mobile app.

At 9.99, Quicken Premier includes advanced investment-tracking tools.

Its countless tools are tucked away a bit more neatly, There are four versions of Quicken 2017, each of which adds to the functionality found in the previous one.

Quicken Starter Edition, which costs .99, supports bank transaction import, income and expense management, budgeting, and bill-pay.

Existing Home Sales: Existing sales rose 1.1% in May to a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 5.620 million.This message appears or doesn't appear depending on the specific transaction history involved with a specific security.In some cases, when accepting transactions individually and this message appears, pressing Accept All will take care of the message.There was a lot going on last week, including some and inflation data and industrial production numbers.Add a Federal Reserve rate decision to all that, and it was a busy week.Service prices were up 0.3% and trade services were up 1.1%.

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