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For more information, visit the software retirement page.From time to time, it might appear that you have a duplicate or missing transaction in your register.This change would have required that you take further action to continue to update your Vanguard accounts.If you are attempting to update Vanguard accounts in Quicken and are getting an error that Vanguard is no longer able to update, you may need to review Quicken for Windows 2014–2016 on how to deactivate and the reactivate your accounts.If there is an outage, look in the One Step Update Summary for a message from TD Bank.For security, your account is locked if you incorrectly enter your password multiple times.

In order to minimize disruption to our customers we schedule maintenance at times during which these systems are least likely to be used.After you download your data, your operating system should automatically recognize the file and import it directly into your Quicken records.The Quicken software will compare the new download with older information to record only new transactions and eliminate any duplicates. Intuit no longer supports previous versions of Quicken.As a Quicken user, you may encounter problems downloading your financial institution's data and transaction history, which is not entirely uncommon when managing multiple bank or credit accounts.Troubleshooting the problem may help save you a call to Quicken Support or your financial institution.If the error persists, please call us at OL-226 and 226 B - when trying to download new transactions, send online payments, or set up online account services.

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