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What types of efficiencies could be gained by eliminating these burdensome tasks?

Could you increase focus on the safety and security of inmates, your officers, and the public that you serve?

Whether you’re routing fleets, viewing water infrastructure, or creating budget reports, Esri helps you run your public works department with more efficiency and transparency.

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Esri links public works divisions and personnel together with a familiar mapping interface, coordinating the work of the city.

With Securus Video Visitation, all of these things are possible.

Securus Video Visitation is a fully web-based visitation system that allows friends, family members, attorneys, and public officials to schedule and participate in video visitation sessions with an inmate – from anywhere with internet access using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Esri platform gives you a powerful asset monitoring system.

Plan and prioritize operations and maintenance before problems arise.

Your Geofilter can cover an event or entire block — for an hour or up to ninety days. You’ll hear from Snapchat when your Geofilter is approved to confirm payment and details.

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