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Various mini-games will be used to reach the goals mentioned above.

You play as a college student who, despite his genius at art, attends a normal college and leads a normal, boring student life.

The main goal is to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, who can be taken on dates to various locations such the movies, the beach, and the mall.

Player's may be asked to perform favors in exchange for characters' phone numbers.

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One day, you're asked to join a group called Comic Party that works on producing a comic magazine.

The game takes you through one full year as you meet girls and attempt to solve their problems, all the while producing the comic magazine. Mizuki Takase goes to college with you and has actually been your good friend since high school. You'll also encounter the likes of Minami Makimura, Chisa Tsukamoto, Eiko Haga, Yu Inagawa, Aya Hasebe and Subaru Mikage (yes, we're too lazy to list the details of every single character). On weekdays, you plan the week ahead, budgeting your time for creating the various areas of the comic magazine.

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It was developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by Konami.

Don't forget to include breaks in the day, or you'll run out of energy.

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