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After the Vatican’s recent “discipline” of pedophile priests, I decided to do a quick Google search for some local cases involving Protestant pastors – those that might have actually been reported and made local news.This is not an opportunistic attempt to slander Christian pastors by stringing together random cases compiled over the decades – these are all stories that hit the This is just a small list of some of the crimes (that were actually reported to authorities AND the media) in the MONTH OF MAY ALONE. The terms were not foreign to her, but they came from someone who up until that day taught fractions, verb tenses, and U. Adolescence can be full of such awkward and confusing moments, especially when it comes to human sexuality. They were spoken by her homeroom teacher during a sex education talk packaged as a two-day “human growth and development” module. Then, wham: human anatomy 101—with 10-year-old boys present.QUESTION: Why isn’t there any massive national media outrage at these crimes in ONE MONTH?Oh, that’s right – because it’s never good for ratings (aka ad revenues) to go be seen as attacking Christianity as a whole.The Idaho Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that Reizenstein could be tried as an adult.

Investigators say he then put a sock in her mouth, carried her to an alley and sexually assaulted, beat and strangled her, and leaving her for dead.Hundreds of suggestions poured in from parents from all over the country.Julie and I compiled the recommendations — some of the titles came up again and again.However, isn’t the scariest part that these crimes go on right in front of our nose while nobody really talks about it simply because Protestant pastors don’t wear “funny robes”?Much like their Catholic counterparts, Protestant pastors and ministers are trusted with children who have been taught to obey the authority of their church leaders. The trauma-inducing terms that put her into this state, we would eventually learn, were “penis,” “vagina,” and other vocabulary that can prompt adolescents to snicker, blush, or, like my daughter, duck and find the nearest shelter.

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