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Please read these Terms of Service (collectively with Dating Ring Inc.'s Privacy Policy and Dating Ring Inc.'s Continuous Billing Terms ) fully and carefully before using https://or "Site") and the services, features, content or applications offered by Dating Ring Inc.("we", "us" or "our") (together with the Site, the "Services").The word net in this sense means "total after all discounts." It originally derives from the Latin nitere (to shine) and nitidus (elegant, trim), and more recently from the French net (sharp, neat, clean).What is the Weighted Average Payment Terms calculation?

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Some bills provide information about how much customers will pay in late fees if they submit payments late; the bill may have separate fields for payments sent within one and 30 days, 31 and 60, and so forth.Late payments are subject to a penalty fee, and if the customer pays extremely late or repeatedly pays late, the seller may change the payment terms, obliging the customer to pay earlier.These terms are part of the contract buyers and sellers sign at the start of a business deal, to make sure everyone understands the expectations surrounding the agreement. This is common with new customers, as the seller does not have an established business relationship.Paid sites offer more functionality, establish high standards, and attract more people with serious intentions.If you own a dating e-business and accept or plan to accept payments, you should consider the following questions: “How to provide customers with a user-friendly and risk-free payment possibilities?There is a variety of checkout strategies you can offer them: from One-Click checkout experience to remote checkout (read here in details which options are out there).

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