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Self-employment tax is the equivalent of the employer plus the employee’s share of social security and Medicare taxes (generally 10.4% in 2012).This is a tax in addition to any potential income tax on the same income.Self-employment income can be like that, particularly if you do not plan well.If you are a sole proprietor, or operating as a Single-Member LLC (SMLLC), then your net profit is subject to self-employment tax.That site may have a privacy policy and security that is different from this Citibank Website.

Open the app and you'll be asked to enter your telephone number.Do you remember your first job and the excitement that generated?Do you remember your first paycheck and the shock that was generated when you realized that there is a difference between gross pay and net pay?To send a Super Chat, send a dollar sign in the live chat, then select 'Send a Super Chat'.Drag the slider to the desired value - more money means more/longer exposure, plus different colors the more you pay - or enter a value.You Tube live streams are generally pretty good, but getting noticed in the live comment stream is tricky, especially when there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands watching or commenting.

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