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Some of her early appearances in TV were in commercials for different products such as Cheetos.She has also featured in Pitbull’s Other some movies that she has played include End of Watch (2012), Magic City Memoirs and Broken City (2013). Born in USA, her height is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.Many people believe that Miami is "paradise" and a place to party, but the city has a lot more to offer than just that.It was and is a safe haven for many Cuban refugees, such as my family. My mother's family were farmers who owned a local fresh market and lived a very modest life.Tell us about the film; why did you decide to do it? How do you adjust to the typical, skinny women around you? Actors and models, most of them are slender and I know many feel that the clothes they wear only look good on them, but it’s not true.It’s a thriller, with a great plot and a well-written script. Plus, many models work really hard at their bodies by being healthy and working out.Walking her dogs is another physical activity, she does daily.

"They met in Vegas over the weekend for the first time and reconnected at Drake's party where they hit it off," said the source.The ' Broken City' star is spilling her tips! Speaking of dating, what advice do you have for women who on how to stay confident on their first date? I think people are most beautiful when they’re most natural; that way, you’ll find someone who loves you for you.Natalie Martinez's career is on the fast track to success. In Hollywood, body image is a huge topic; where do you see yourself?When someone asks me what my ethnicity is, I proudly respond Cuban American.However, being first generation born in Miami, I did not have a typical American upbringing.Mark Wahlberg is such a pro, knows exactly what he’s doing and is so professional. You’ve worked alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Wesley, Michael Pena and Justin Timberlake!

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