Nana heechul dating


Cho A's label FNC Entertainment has responded to the reports with, "We are currently getting in touch with Cho A to confirm the news.We will reveal our official statement once we can contact her." Stay tuned for updates.Or when they called up Nam Hee Suk’s daughter, Jo Se Ho’s sister, and KARA‘s Hara to decide who was better looking between the two comedians.Or Nam Hee Suk outing that Jo Se Ho loves porn, which he knows because Se Ho’s computer got a virus and Hee Suk found 200 porn movies on it. —– The other storyline was that Park Joon Hyung, Sunny, Jackson, and Danny Ahn went back to g.o.d.‘s old dorm.Joon Hyung blasted out news of an impromptu fanmeeting for the occasion, and in two hours, this happened: Of course they stole idol underwear back then. These fandoms are the reason security like now even exists.😮 ===== You can catch the episode with English subtitles here, and you probably should.You are Bomi, the most adorable girl in the school and you are small, nerdy and kind to others in school. You have two sides, a cute side and a nerdy side, well someone has a crush on you and you might like him too. SHINee : Why we all fall in love with the same girl? And, another teacher fell in love with her when she dropped Since when I was a child, I always wanted to get married like a princess in storybooks.Park Miyoung : It's possible to fall in love with the 5 boys at the same time? Now that I'm in high school, my life totally changed into a big mess.

There was a rumor that Choa is pregnant and she is trying to hide her pregnancy ?!!! With this dating rumor I am more and more suspicious about Choa condition.

Kiko herself currently has a new man in Shuhei Nomura.

Well anyway, I’m thinking Kiko saw the appearance on ‘Radio Star’ and is rather upset about something or other, as she just happened to make this shady-ass post on Instagram yesterday.

KARD released a video showcasing the point choreography for their “Oh Na Na” debut, and it features grinding … As you can see, there’s only four of the members in both videos, which makes me think Youngji may not actually be in the group but rather just a featuring.

And the more I read, the more I realize nobody actually knows who is in KARD except the four we see.

Shortly after taking to her Instagram to write a letter to fans about her absence from AOA, Cho A has now become wrapped up in dating rumors.

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