Mysql not updating classic asp online dating blog toplist


I've got a Sql Data Source and can add a Query String Parameter like the following, however, I'm not sure how to make it "dynamic" to accommodate any number of different search parameters entered by the user. You do something like: WHERE Yourfield = @param1 or @param IS NULL.So if you have a parameter is used if not (null) is ignored and doesn't affect your selection criteria.Query String("pony") & "'" Else my SQL = "SELECT * FROM my Table INNER JOIN my Horse on my ID = my ID WHERE horse LIKE '" & Request.Query String("horse") & "'" End if I'm not sure how do do the equivalent in This can allow you to restore the database and view the data later on should it be required.

My question is how to create dynamic SQL statements based on Query String variables.In the past with classic ASP I would do something like the following.It would allow me to build a search page where the user could select any one of many different search combinations.Microsoft Access is a file based database originally released in 1992.While websites on our shared hosting platform can use an Access database to power their websites, Access was never designed for this and has several limitations that affect it's performance when used in this way./example.asp, line 100** This is a generic error triggered by the Access driver that may occur for a variety of reasons, but incorrect permissions is a common cause.

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