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She asked for another bag to be packed with ‘her cardigans with pink buttons, eight of her best blouses, two négligées, one black, the other velvet with fur trimming, plus an orange one to wear on getting up from bed in the morning’.

She also requested her father’s chestnut leather bag, plus stockings, shoes, toiletries and sanitary absorbers. This wasn’t the luggage of a woman who expected death at any moment.

A Canberra man who groomed a 12-year-old American girl for sex, after her mother pimped her out to him, will spend only 28 days in jail.

Thomas Keski Nummi Wilson was 22 years old when he groomed a girl in Colorado, United States over the internet.

She'd be like, 'what do you need darling?

Because Katy lives closer, and she'd actually come out.

on 19 April 1945 Clara Petacci, aged 33, travelled to Milan from Lake Garda to join her lover of more than a decade as he made plans for his endgame.

The Allies had effectively won the war and Mussolini and his associates were no longer safe in Italy.

For years, she had been waging a battle with Mussolini’s wife, Rachele, to be recognised as the most significant woman in his life and now, in death, she saw her chance. on 28 April, when she and Mussolini were executed together by firing squad. Bosworth writes in his gripping and scholarly life of Claretta, the image of her inverted body with her head of curly black hair facing downwards is the ‘visual niche’ she now occupies in the memory of the world outside Italy.

But ten days later, Claretta was executed by communist partisans who intercepted Mussolini’s convoy as it left Milan – it’s not clear whether they were en route to Switzerland or Germany.

She urged the partisan chief Pier Luigi Bellini, who had captured them, to hand Mussolini over to the Allies so that he would be spared the humiliation of a trial in Italy.

The court heard as part of their communication, Keski Nummi Wilson got the girl to send him pornographic images of herself.

He also sent the 12-year-old sex toys and sex aids and thousands of dollars in gifts.

Katy Mixon: Ok, well, this is how I would handle it. I'd contact all five of them and say 'we are in dire straights, and I'm going to need one of you to call and answer the phone! (Mom and Dad, don't get any ideas.) The movie buff also watches at least one movie a day to make sure he hits 365 a year.

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