Meet partners speed dating


Depending on the amount of daters who attend, dates will last between 2-5 minuets.

You might not have time to date everyone at the event, but there will be some time after to socialize. Even if you don't meet "the one", we hope you'll have at least met a new adventure partner.

“Moving to New York City is not always the easiest transition, and it can be difficult to find a social network or a sense of belonging,” Mr. Some couples who met through Zog Sports have even gotten engaged at games or married in their team shirts.

You love the outdoors, I love the outdoors, we all love the outdoors, now lets mingle and start exploring together.

Luv Byrd, a dating app for outdoor enthusiasts, is hosting a speed dating event, and you should join us!

For more information about how we innovate and create within our partnerships, to deliver new technologies, please visit our Machine and Equipment Builders page.

If you missed this event and would like to know more, please email Kevin Wright.

But, if you’re more into outdoors activities, there are running clubs like Run and Chug, where people meet, race and drink, or intramural teams, if you’d rather spend a Saturday in a middle school gym (hopefully that doesn’t bring back too many painful memories from childhood). On 9/11, he attempted to get onto his usual express train, but it was too crowded.

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