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Be gentle and restrict the number of times you masturbate to avoid irritation and discomfort.

If there is history of prostate enlargement in your family, ensure you follow hygienic practices in the household and drink plenty of water.

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I’ve also known of some men who were very sexually compulsive and ended up spending all their money on telephone sex to the point where they were functionally addicted to sex and it was interfering with their social and occupational functioning.However, when men do contract UTI, the pain, irritation, suffering, and damage are substantial and hence being aware is important.Do not masturbate with filthy hands and in unhygienic surroundings.Girls masturbate too and many need different stuff for their own pleasure.Share your tips and experiences or seek info within this thread. Hey, I'm an 18 yr old (well in two weeks) and first like to say to the post above that i agree it is normal.So, what I’m getting at is that it’s important that you think carefully about whether your problem is actually about masturbation, or instead about feeling ashamed.

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