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The western boundary current must exactly balance the interior transport from the Sverdrup relation.

If Bering Strait is considered closed, and a starting point (just to pick a constant of integration) is chosen at Cape Horn, then the streamfunction is zero along the west coast of the Americas, continuing entirely around East and South Asia (i.e.

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The Sverdrup relation (Beta*V=Curl[tau]) only describes the interior circulation of an ocean, integrated west from the eastern boundary to just inside the western boundary.

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Notably omitted from this requirement are Australia, New Zealand and Madagascar.S., 1989: A Sverdrup model of the depth-integrated flow for the world ocean allowing for island circulations. Physically, the requirement is that the streamfunction is constant along a land boundary.That means transport across a closed ocean basin (say the northern Indian Ocean) must be zero.Few materials suitable for C dating are present in desert areas, which is a current problem in studies of Quaternary Geochronology (Zhang et al., 2006).Hence, the selection of suitable dating materials and the use of reliable dating results to reconstruct palaeo- environmental changes in desert areas have been a focus of recent studies.Specifically, a 98-year-old water main gave out and breached the sewer below, the Chicago Tribune previously reported.

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