Letter to editor mandating vaccine


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Pan said the failure of similar bills in Washington and Oregon will not derail his measure. This campaign of intimidation to brutally enforce blanket vaccine mandates by government agencies and the school district gives no consideration for the rights of the parents or the individual medical condition of the child.The procedure is reckless and subjects children to the risk of severe reactions.Letters to the editor are a great way to earn media attention for our cause if they are done well. The easier you make it for the editor, the more likely your letter will be published. Stick to any talking points that help your message and your argument, but do not replicate exact ideas. If you are addressing more than two ideas, use bullet points. Most newspapers do not allow anonymous submissions, so please be prepared to provide your name and contact information. If the American Academy of Pediatrics and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine “recommendations” are followed, babies born in 2016 will receive 50 injections by age 18. At that time, the Vermont Legislature displayed overwhelming support for parental choice in such medical decision-making.

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